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Restaurant Valbonne – Café des Arcades


Restaurant Valbonne – Café des Arcades

For us, the nicest restaurant in Valbonne – Café des Arcades. Located on the square in the center of Valbonne. Always busy, pleasant, affordable and tasty! A mix of Italian food and the French menu.

During lunch and dinner the extensive menu card but throughout the day you can go for a pizza, pasta or salad. Despite the crowds, you never have to wait long for your food. The service is super friendly and super fast.

Our favorites are the Pizza Reine, Salad Nicoise, Tartare de boeuf and for dessert Café Gourmande. But the starters mussels or snails are also delicious. Always served with a nice fresh baguette.

Car-free square – child-friendly

The square in Valbonne is car-free, so it is very relaxed to eat with small children who can play safely within watch.


It is always busy at des Arcades and even if you have made a reservation you sometimes have to wait. But with such a large terrace the waiting time is never long and certainly worth the wait.

Restaurant Valbonne – Café des Arcades

10 Place des Arcades
06560 Valbonne
+33 4 93 12 00 06

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