Route Napoléon from Cannes to Grenoble

A beautiful, spectacular scenic route

Route Napoléon

The Route Napoleon is a beautiful scenic route that starts from the south at Antibes / Cannes and via Grasse, Digne, Gap and La Mure to Grenoble. The route is named after the historical route that Napoleon Bonaparte followed when he returned from exile of the island of Elba. The route is marked with the imperial eagle sign. The places from South of France to Grenoble that you are going through

  • Antibes
  • Grasse
  • Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey
  • Castellane
  • Digne
  • Sisteron
  • Gap
  • Col Bayard (1,246 m)
  • Corps
  • La Mure
  • Laffrey
  • Grenoble

Below you will find an impression of this beautiful route.

About the route

The Napoléon route is one of the most beautiful tourist routes in the South of France. Many tourists and old-timer clubs drive this spectacular route every year. Along the way there are the most beautiful viewpoints and you pass many nice places such as Castellane, Digne-les-Bains, Sisteron, Gab and you end up in Grenoble. Then again mountainous, then rolling landscapes. The mountain route is not really suitable for people with a caravan or camper. There are quite a few ascent percentages, tilting rocks and hairpin bends in the route – especially between Grenoble and Gap.

The route starts as said on the French Riviera and then winds in the direction of the Alps.

The route is marked with the imperial eagle sign. On this route you can see many commemorative points that all recall the glorious past of Napoléon Bonaparte.

Impression Route Napoléon

Photo’s of our trip in 2017