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Villa Valbonne Provence – Cote d`Azur

House rules & tips

House rules & tips Villa Valbonne

On this page you will find information about the house rules of our holiday home Villa Valbonne in the South of France.

The house rules, explanation and information can also be found in a white folder in the holiday home itself. Please observe these rules when renting our holiday home.


Safety for you and your children

The safety and well-being of you and your children during your stay is our top priority. Therefore, please read this section of the folder in any case.



Alarmnumber: 112
Ambulance (S.A.M.U): 15
General practitioner Roquefort: 0493775081
General practitioner Valbonne: 0493129430
Police: 17
Fire department: 18

Ambulance de Valbonne
107 Av. De Pierrefeu – Valbonne
Tel: 33 (04) 93 12 20 26

Pharmacie de Valbonne
Res. Vallis Bona – Valbonne Village
Tel. 33 (0)4 93 12 00 82

Police Municipale
1 Place de l’Hotel de Ville
Valbonne Village
Tel 33 (0)4 93 12 32 00

Bathroom – Hairdryer and Books2019-11-14T10:16:10+01:00

Bathroom – Hairdryer and Books

Both bathrooms have a walk-in shower, modern washbasin and toilet. A third toilet is located in the hall.

Please feel free to use all our books. You might even take them home – as long as you leave another book. Take a book – Leave a book.

In the masterbedroom walk in closet you’ll find a hairdryer

Beware of Burglary2016-11-22T10:47:48+01:00


Unfortunately, there is a lot of crime in the South of France. Please make sure that all windows, hatches and doors are closed when you leave the villa to protect your and our belongings. We advise you to do this not only when you leave the villa but also when you are at the pool. We advise you to close the hatches when you sleep. Of course you can open the hatches of the bedroom at night. Please close the fence always at the entrance of the villa.

Be aware: The insurance of house owners in France does not provide coverage at burglary, when the hatches are NOT closed properly. Even if the windows were closed. We would like to emphasize that we will keep you liable in that case for eventual damage or losses, which will not be covered by our insurance.

Your personal belongings always need to be covered by your individual private travel insurance.



Upon arrival the house is clean. It will only be cleaned again after departure. Should you wish cleaning services during your holiday in Valbonne please discuss this with our housekeeper Maria directly.

Departure Day2016-11-22T10:47:44+01:00

Departure Day
We kindly request you to leave the villa on Saturday before 10.00 hrs. In case something is damaged or broken, please inform the housekeeper, upfront. Please note following for departure:

  • BBQ is clean and stored in the garage
  • All litter is thrown away (next to the tennis court you can deposit your litter)
  • All beds, cushions or other things you have taken out of the garage are place back in the garage where you found it.
  • When linen is rented, please remove this from the beds and place it in the living room on one pile.
  • Clear the refrigerator and frigde – leave all empty
  • When the fireplace is used, please leave it empty and clean
  • Please leave sufficient toiletpaper behind for new renters to have enough stock for one day
  • Please leave keys for gardenshed and tenniscourts and swimming pool in left drawer in the hall
Dish washer – Washing machine – Dryer and Coffee makers2024-05-21T14:12:25+02:00

Dish washer – Washing machine – Dryer and Coffee makers

Washing machine
With every machine wash, please use Calgon – due to the calcareous water. We always leave some behind, if used up please replace for new tenants.

In the kitchen drawer you will find a manual. Load the machine, add powder and dishwasher rinse aid  – choose a programme and press depart/arret.

Always make sure that the dishes are clean of residues before putting them in the dishwasher. If it breaks, it is not always possible to arrange for a man to repair it within a short time during the high season. If the dishwasher breaks due to incorrect use, the costs of repair will be at your own expense. So make sure that the dishes and items you put in it do not contain any junk, otherwise they will become clogged and you may have to wash them by hand all week.

Coffee machines

Filter coffee
In the closet you’ll find a normal filter coffee maker: Preparing All and press 0 / I. By some timer that we do not even understand ourselves it takes a while to strat. Because of hardness of the water please only use bottled water.

There is also a Senseo machine. Senseo pads are for sale in Carrefour supermarket. Please always mineral water due to water hardness.

Nespresso machine
There is also a Nespresso machine. At the Carrefour you can buy cups for the Nespresso machine, but not the real Nespresso cups. These can be purchased at the Tele Valbonne (on the roundabout) and in Cannes at the Nespresso shop.



Should you wish to use the fireplace, you can buy wood at the supermarket or at a gasoline station. Upon departure the fireplace should be cleaned. Our private stock of wood is not included in the rental price.

Villa Valbonne - 6P holiday home with private pool Cote d'Azur

First Aid Support2016-11-22T10:47:48+01:00

First Aid Support

Clinique Plein Ciel Groupe A.Tzanck A proximité 122 av Doct Maurice Donat 06250 MOUGINS | Plan/Itinéraire 04 92 92 53 00

Plan/Itinéraire – 04 92 92 53 00

Furniture: Seats and Sofa’s2016-11-22T10:47:47+01:00

Sofa’s and seats

Please do not sit in wet swimming wear on the sofas. Pool water and sun cream will damage the furniture.



You can leave your trash and garbase in the trash bins next to the tennis courts on your way out of the domaine. Please ensure on the day of departure that all garbage is taken away. Please put trash never outside or in the garage. Mice, foxes, and a lot of ants will come down to this.

Garden and Outdoor lighting2016-11-22T10:47:38+01:00

Garden and outdoor Lighting

We would appreciate it if you would occasionally give the plants sone water and spraying the talud if it does not automatically go or inadequate because of the heat. The gardener usually comes 1x per week.

Outdoor lighting
In the living room on the right side of the fireplace is the switch for the lighting of the covered terrace. On the left the garden lights and lighting for the pool. In the hallway of the bedrooms is a button for the bright lights in the garden. If these buttons light up it means the lights are on.


General practitioner2016-11-22T10:47:49+01:00

General practitioner

Miss.Jolanda Weerts, 52 Rte Valbonne (0497257116) or Mr. Dirk Heering, 11 rte Presbytere (opposite of the Mairie in Valbonne) (0493129430). You first need to make an appointment by telephone. Payments needs to done in cash, PIN or credit card is not possible. A pharmacy is located on the Route du Rouret (direction Roquefort).

Heating and electricity2016-11-22T10:47:39+01:00

Heating and electricity

The house is heated with electric heaters. The right side is a button to turn it on, warmer / cooler can be arranged on top. In connection with the electricity in France, please do not switch all heaters on at once, but slowly start one by one or the electricity will be switched off.

The electricity in France will sometimes fail (its France). In the garage at the entrance from the kitchen on the left you will find the switches. If one is down you can put it back up so that the electricity does it again. Never use dishwasher, washer and dryer simultaneously.

Indoor smoking2016-11-22T10:47:46+01:00

Indoor smoking

We kindly request you to minimize smoking inside the villa.



Most international newspapers can be bought at the newsstand in Valbonne (at the large parking lot) and some are available at the Carrefout. The French Nice Matin usually gives the best weather forecast.

Newspaper shop Valbonne Cote d'Azur

Parties and visitors2016-11-22T10:47:45+01:00

Parties and noise

Ofcourse you are free to welcome guests during the day, however parties at the pool are NOT permitted. The neighbours are caused inconvenience and we have nice neighbourghs and do not wish to upset them. After 10.00 in the evening its not allowed to make a lot of noise on the domaine.




Pets are not allowed in or around the villa unless agreed at reservation. For small, well behaving dogs we usually make an exception.

Private belonging and games2024-05-13T09:50:00+02:00

Private things en (children) games

Some of our private belongings such as clothes and linens are openly in the cupboards. Please do not use them. In the kitchen, feel free to use everything, however when something is getting out of stock we appreciate it if you would replace this.

In the house you’ll find some games such as petanque. Also there are 2 (very old) golf sets available.

Swimming pool and garden maintenance2016-11-22T10:47:45+01:00

Swimming pool and garden maintenance

1 Time per week the swimming pool maintenance guy comes to clean the pool and once a week the garderer comes. You must always allow them on the grounds to do their work.

Swimming pool cushions2024-05-21T14:04:25+02:00

Swimming pool cushions

It may sound logical, but when it rains, please place all cushions and parasols indoors or under the veranda.

Swimming pool safety2016-11-22T10:47:48+01:00

Swimming pool

According to the French law, we have installed a swimming pool alarm. However the liability for the use of the pool remains with the parents. The owner of the villa can never be held liable in case of accidents.

The liability and supervision of the parents is the best security for your children!

Unfortunately when the law became active to secure swimming pools not one single system appears to be working ok. First we installed a system in the water itself, however with each wind breeze the alarm started. Then we bought this expensive system with the 4 eyes, which also starts at night when a cat or fox would cross the eyes. Therefore we usually switch it off during our stay because its too annoying with the noise.

The manual will either be sent to you or can be found in the villa.
Incorrect usage will create inconvenience for the neighbourhood, because of the volume of the alarm. Also when used incorrectly the housekeeper needs to come to reset the whole alarm. With incorrect usage charges for this visit will have to be paid by renter.

Please do not open the big white box of the swimming pool where the equipment of the swimming pool is situated. The housekeeper is responsible for the pool maintenance and once a week a person will come and clean the pool.

Villa Valbonne vacation rental Cote d'Azur private pool

Tennis courts and domaine communal swimming pool2016-11-22T10:47:40+01:00


The tennis courts are free to use for our guests. Advance booking is done through a key lying on the table in the hall in the left drawer (with some yellow thing about it). Tennis rackets and tennis balls can be found in the garage. Please leave this key upon departure in the same hall drawer so next tenants can find it as well.

Domaine Val d'Azur Valbonne

Communal swimming pool of Domaine Val d’Azur
This pool is an ideal meeting place for children. It is a large pool on the left side of the main road, about halfway toward the exit of the park. There are special parking spaces on the right side of the road. Here is also a small playground, a table tennis table, a bocce court and a volleyball field. These facilities are all free for our guests.

Domaine Val d'Azur Valbonne


Thunderstorm Valbonne

Please immediately remove the wireless internet socket in the hall + the television electricity socket when there is a thunderstorm in Valbonne.

TV and Wireless Internet instructions Villa Valbonne2024-05-21T14:08:11+02:00

TV – Decoder and Internet

With the long black remote control (Sony) you can turn on the TV with the green button on the top right. At the top left you choose source HDMI. Cabinet under TV must be on (light must be on)

In case of thunderstorm, please remove the plugs from the sockets due to lightning strike.

Wireless Internet

We offer free wireless internet – the code written in the hall near the modem. If the system does not work, please remove everything from electrical outlets and plug in again, it will generally do it again. In NO CASE press the reset button, then the technical man must come and the costs are for you. This can also take a while before it arrives and you certainly do not have wireless internet.

In case of thunderstorm please pull out the plug due to lightning strike.

Valbonne shopping information and opening hours2016-11-22T10:47:43+01:00

Shopping information

The nearest bakery can be found by going right at the end of the park, take the roundabout and then immediately on your left. The supermarket (Carrefour) is a little further to the right (Monday to Saturday open until 20:00, and also open on Sundays, it is indicated at the supermarket). A very large Carrefour you will find in Antibes at the entrance to the A8.

Specialty traiteurs (Italian delicatessen with fantastic homemade products), special vegetable / fruit shop with a very wide range of fruits and vegetables and a fantastic butcher (including catering) and a bakery located on the central parking in the center of Valbonne. These shops have fantastic and high quality products with ditto prices. These shops are all open on Sunday morning.

On Sunday morningthe Spar on the square in Valbonne center is also open.

Fruit & Vegetable Stores in Valbonne -Valbonne Village Cote d'Azur Best Butcher in Valbonne Village

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